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Grade 6 Student

They were the best photos I’ve ever had at school, by far. The photographer was so nice and let us be more relaxed when she was taking the photos. We also got to be in Yakai Barring, which is a much more beautiful space to be in. In the photo of my class, everyone looks happy and relaxed, not like they’ve been forced to act like robots.


Moving to using Kids in Living Colour was a fantastic decision and we will never use another photo company. Jess and her team were professional and personable; they took time to understand the culture of our school and community, utilised the school grounds and even learned many of the students’ names. The process of having photos taken was actually enjoyable for our students and staff and the photographs produced were pieces of art. The portraits let students’ personalities shine through, while beautifully documenting a moment in time for each of our students and classroom communities. Parents and carers were overjoyed with the portraits and flooded the school with positive feedback. Thanks Jess!


After years of really awkward school photos that were poor quality and made my kids look a funny shade of grey I was delighted with the school photos Jess took of my girls!! The outdoor setting was beautiful and she clearly made them feel at ease as they both look relaxed and happy in the photos. The colour is beautiful and the photos were given to family as gifts and everyone loves them! Thanks so much Jess.